Activity Log Monitoring
  • 12 Feb 2024
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Activity Log Monitoring

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First-tier Azure resources and various other services compatible with Turbo360's Business Applications possess the capability to monitor significant activity logs that can impact both Azure health and costs.

Activity log rule configuration

Resource level

A new tab named Activity logs will be available to all compatible resources under Monitoring section, allowing the addition of log rules from a range of available categories and operations.

The illustration shown below displays how to configure activity log rules for a resource at resource level:

Activity log rule - resource level.gif

Monitoring profile level

Activity logs is included as a new rule category when configuring rules using monitoring profiles.

The illustration shown below depicts the activity log rule configuration for Azure Function App resource type using a Monitoring profile:

Activity log rule - profile level.gif

Alert Notification

Violation alert will be triggered when the the configured operation status meets the expected error threshold.

The image below shows a sample alert for Integration Account when monitoring activity logs:

Sample alert.png

If an activity log operation is not available in Azure, the monitoring value for it will be designated as NA.

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