Bring Your Own Backend
  • 12 Feb 2024
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Bring Your Own Backend

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Bring Your Own Backend (BYOB) is a deployment model for Turbo360 Business Activity Monitoring, where the backend of Business Activity monitoring environment (i.e.) the resources responsible for tracking, processing, and storing the user's data, will be deployed in the user's Azure Subscription. This deployment model is preferred for users who need to track a large amount of data.

Bring Your Own Backend

Configure your own backend for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) environment by choosing Use your Azure subscription deployment model during the Getting started process.

  1. The first step is to provide and validate Service Principal information. Click the Next button once the validation is successful.



  1. Select a resource group and a region from the provided dropdown menu. You have the option to utilize existing resources within the chosen resource group using the Use existing option or create new resources by clicking Create new.


  1. Customize the servicing and pricing tier for SQL Database, Processor Function App, Tracker Function App, and Service Bus Namespace. You can also tick the Reuse app service plan checkbox to apply the same Plan type as the Processor Function App for Tracker Function App.

You can also make use of the Azure calculator hyperlink to estimate the cost of Azure products based on your pricing tier customization.

  1. Once all the required information has been entered, click the Initiate deployment button to complete the setup.

You will be provided with a video that briefs about how Business Activity Monitoring works with a simple use case. The resources will be deployed in a few minutes, along with a sample configuration explained in the video.


Managing Service Principal

  • The Service Principal credentials provided during the time of deployment can be updated at any point in time. It is available in the Actions dropdown on the Turbo360 Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Homepage.

sp details.png

Accessing SQL database password

  • An Azure SQL database will be deployed as a part of the Bring Your Own Backend (BYOB) deployment and a system user and password will be created for it. The connection string with the user and password details can be fetched from the BAM Storage details section as shown below:

Access password.png

Advanced topics

All the transactions occurring in BAM will be logged in the application insights configured along with the deployed function apps. By default, logs of type Information and Exception will be logged for both the function app's functions.

If the transactions are huge, the default configuration in the function app settings can be overridden, reducing the cost incurred by app insight. Limiting log type to "Error" is a recommended setting.

The following settings can be added to the deployed API function app:


api function app setting.png

The following settings can be added to the deployed Processor function app:


processor function app setting.png

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