Group Budget Monitoring
  • 19 Mar 2024
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Group Budget Monitoring

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Setting up the budget for a Cost Management group offers the benefit of receiving alerts in the event of any deviation from the configured budget.


  1. Navigate to the Monitoring section of a Cost group. Click the Configure option avaialble in the Group budget widget.
  2. Enter the Monitoring Details by selecting the time interval, cost metric (either actual or amortized cost), and input a valid budget, then proceed by clicking Next.
  3. In the Alert configuration section, set up the desired notification channels to receive monitoring alerts.
  4. Finally, click on Save to apply the changes.

Trends will be generated based on the configured group budget, with the red dotted lines representing the set budget.


Manage existing configuration

  1. Go to Monitoring section of a Cost group where a Group budget is already configured.
  2. Click Manage in the Group budget widget.
  3. Perform the required changes.
  4. Click Save.


Enable/Disable Group budget monitoring

Group budget monitoring can be Enabled/Disabled by selecting the Toggle on/Toggle off button available in the Group budget wizard.


Group budget report

The image below illustrates the Group budget alert received for a cost group, indicating that the actual expenses have exceeded the predefined budget limit.


Monitoring state

The monitoring status of a Cost Management group in the tree view is determined by the state of the Cost budget defined, following this sequence:

  • Red: Indicates any deviation from the set budget.
  • Green: Indicates no deviation from the set budget.
  • Grey: Indicates no Cost budget monitoring applied to the group.


Alert incidents

Budget monitoring alerts will be recorded as incidents and are accessible using the View Incidents option located in the Group budget widget.

The incident details can be accessed by clicking the open status.


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