• 26 Feb 2023
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Article summary

The Car Appointments app is about a batch processing scenario where an organisation sends daily batch files to their garage partner who looks after the outsourced maintenance of their fleet of vehicles. The garage then sends response batches back confirming the appointments were completed.

Demo Story

  • The business users log a request to get their car a maintenance appointment in the car appointments system
  • Each day a background logic app will extract the appointments from the car appointments system and create a batch file which is sent to the Garage over SFTP
  • The garage fixes the cars
  • The garage sends batch files back with confirmations that appointments have been completed
  • The response batch items are loaded to the car appointments system



There are 2 interfaces:

  1. Logic App that checks for data, transforms it and sends to the garage
  2. Logic Apps that process response batch files


Points to Note:

  • In the background in Azure there is a Logic App which simulates the garage system creating a response batch
  • The demo runs all of the time in the background so we have data going through the system
  • APIM is used to call the Mockaroo api to simulate some test data for the car appointments system

Target Customers

  • Logic App Users
  • Customers who do EDI with flat files and legacy message formats
    • Keywords:
      • SFTP / EDI / Flat File

Customer Desires

  • I want to make it easier to support my Logic App batch processing
  • I want to make it easy to setup effective monitoring for my solution
  • I want to allow my business users to self service some of the interfaces so they can know whats going on

Azure Features Covered

  • APIM
  • Logic Apps
  • Integration Account
    • Flat File Integration

SL360 Features Covered

  • Business Apps
    • Service Map
    • Business App Dashboard
    • Operations
      • Logic Apps
        • Run History
        • Action Required
        • Monitoring
      • APIM
        • Monitoring
  • BAM
    • Batch Transaction Processing
    • Archive Flat File Messages
    • Async Transactions
      • Using Check Point with Correlation to record check points that happen sometime later

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