• 21 Mar 2024
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Article Summary

The daily file replication demo is intended to show case the use of data factory and ETL type scenarios within Turbo360.

Demo Story

  • Kovai has multiple branch offices which all need to send data to the head office at the end of the day.
  • Each day the branch office submits data to an SFTP server which is then archived into a data lake so that we can use Power BI to build reports on the local branch office data.

The logical solution looks like the below.



The solution is implemented with a data factory which has a recurring trigger that will trigger a pipeline which goes and checks the Azure Storage Account for any uploaded files.

The pipeline will then archive the data into data lake and we can then point Power BI to the data.


Points to Note:

  • In the demo we are focusing on the Data Factory processing of the files and managing and monitoring that solution

Target Customers

  • Data Factory users
  • Customers who are implementing ELT/ETL solutions

Customer Desires

  • I want to make it easier to support my Data Factory solutions
  • I want to make it easy to setup effective monitoring for my solution
  • I want to allow my business users to self service some of the interfaces so they can know whats going on

Azure Features Covered

  • Data Factory

SL360 Features Covered

  • Business Apps
    • Service Map
    • Business App Dashboard
    • Operations
      • Data Factory
        • Run History
        • Action Required
        • Monitoring
  • BAM

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