Security compliance
  • 12 Jun 2024
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Security compliance

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Security compliance is a type of document offered by Azure Documenter that provides a detailed status report for a series of assignments in the subscriptions and resources in accordance with a set of policy states.

Document structure

The Security compliance type of Azure document contains the following information:

sec img.png

  • This section of the document provides a detailed status report for all the assignments over the policies of a subscription and its resources. Where it denotes whether the Groups/Policies/Resources under a subscription are Compliant, Not Compliant, Conflicting or Exempt.

The Policies provide five states

  • All- Includes Not Compliant, Compliant, Conflict and Exempt states.
  • Compliant - Includes Policies with state Compliant.
  • Non-Compliant - Includes Policies with state Non-Compliant.
  • Conflict: Includes Policies with state Conflict.
  • Exempt: Includes Policies with state Exempt.

Learn, more about the working of compliance and its policy states by clicking this link.

Generate a Document

  1. Click New configuration in the Azure Documenter homepage
  2. Enter a name to the document configuration and click Next
  3. Choose the required subscriptions and click Next
  4. Select Security compliance as the document type and click Next
  5. Filters can be defined to narrow down the document content
  6. Click Next
  7. Choose the publish settings and click Next
  8. Configure notification channels
  9. Click on Preview document to gain insight on the chosen document type, offering a preview of its content and structure which aids in selecting the most suitable document for use.
  10. Click on Generate to generate the document.

The Security Compliance document can also be generated with the help of Generate document option available in any of the existing document configurations.

Once the generation is completed, the URL will be generated. The user will also be able to download the generated document via the Download hyperlink.

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