Supported Azure Resources
  • 12 Feb 2024
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Supported Azure Resources

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Article Summary


Turbo360 supports the following Azure resource types for management and monitoring operations at the Business Application level:

Resource Types
APIM Management
Application Insight
App Registrations
App Service Certificate
Azure Function App
Cosmos Database
Data Factory
Event Grid
Event Grid Domain
Event Hub Namespace
Key Vault
Kubernetes Service
Log Analytics Workspace
Logic App
Power Automate Flow
Resource Graph Query
Service Bus Namespace
SQL Database
Storage Account
Synapse Pipeline
Virtual Machine
Virtual Network Gateway
Web App

In addition to the above-mentioned resource types, Turbo360 also provides management and monitoring operations for the following inner-level resource types:

Inner-level Resource Types
APIM Operation
APIM Product
Azure Functions
Cosmos SQL Container
Cosmos Table
Data Factory Pipeline
Data Factory Node
Event Grid Topic
Event Grid Subscription
Event Grid Domain Topic
Event Grid Domain Subscription
Hybrid Connection
Logic App Standard
Logic App Standard Workflow
Service Bus Queue
Service Bus Topic
Service Bus Topic Subscription
SQL Elastic Pool
Storage File
Storage Blob
Storage Table
Storage Queue
Web Job

Additional Resources

  • Turbo360 adds management and monitoring capabilities for several other Azure resources in addition to the resource types currently supported.

  • It is possible to add any Azure resource to the Business Application and configure monitoring rules and dashboards based on the available Azure metrics.

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