What is Automated task?
  • 12 Feb 2024
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What is Automated task?

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Automated task is a background process that runs according to a predefined configuration.

Automated tasks can be triggered manually whenever required or scheduled to run at specific time in a day.

Automated tasks are created under each Business Application.

Business scenario

Consider a scenario where an application that listens for messages from a Service Bus Queue or Topic Subscription went unresponsive.

Now, the number of messages inside the queue will start increasing gradually. Depending on the Time to Live value of the Service Bus resource, either the number of messages to be processed would drastically pile up, or the messages would get dead-lettered.

When the application resumes its operation, it might either get overloaded due to the increased number of messages to be processed or fail to process the dead-lettered messages.

In cases like these, Turbo360's Automated task feature will help resolve problems automatically by either:

  • Purging the messages in the Active end of the Queue to reset the system.
  • Perform tasks like Resubmit or Resubmit-and-Delete from the dead-letter back to the same Queue, so that the messages can be consumed by the resumed system.

Supported resources

Currently, Turbo360 supports performing Automated tasks on the following Azure resource types:

  • Event Grid
  • Event Grid Domain
  • Event Hub
  • Logic App
  • Logic App Workflow (Standard)
  • Service Bus
  • Storage Account
  • Data Factory Pipeline
  • Power Automate Flow

Besides the above-mentioned resource types, users can also schedule tasks for resource types that support Enable / Disable operations, such as APIM Product, Azure Function App and etc.

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