• 13 Jun 2024
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Turbo360 provides a built-in knowledge repository through Wiki, allowing users to create informative articles.

Wiki is accessible through the profile drop-down menu. It resembles the tree structure within the modules, allowing users to create and access the articles.


Wiki editor

The editor section offers a wide range of formatting options to create an article and includes auto-save feature for a seamless documenting experience.

Wiki Editor.png

Manage articles

Add article

  1. Navigate to a node to access the Add article option or use the node's context menu option to create an article.

Context menu.png

  1. Name the article.
  2. Select the module. Nodes from the the selected module will appear in the Category drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the desired node and click Create.

Add article widget.png

The article will be created under the specified node, and the user will be taken to the editor.

Edit article

Edit an existing article by locating it in the tree structure and choosing the Edit option.

Edit option.png

Rename article

Articles can be renamed by using the Rename option in the node's context menu.


Delete article

  • Use the Delete option in the node's context menu or within the article to delete articles individually.

Delete option.png

  • Selecting multiple articles from the parent node and choosing Delete will delete the selected articles in one go.

Bulk delete.png

View article

The Wiki option in the context menu enables users to access articles associated with any node in the relevant module.

View article.gif

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